Encounter QCY at the Yongyoujiapin Expo

Encounter QCY at the Yongyoujiapin Expo - QCY OFFICIAL

"Yongyoujiapin - Made in Nanning" campaign, launched on December 1, showcased prominently in bullet and subway trains. Hosted by the Nanning local government, the campaign aimed to promote 53 well-known brands of the city, emphasizing regional, cultural, and brand values.

Hele Electronics, a high-tech enterprise and Guangxi Top-500 Manufacturer established in 2009, specializes in the R&D, production, and marketing of wireless audio and smart electronic products. QCY, Hele’s subsidiary brand, actively participated in the campaign alongside other renowned local companies.


The extensive displays, featured not only in waiting halls but also inside train carriages, highlighted the diverse industrial groups of the capital city. Among these brands, QCY garnered notable popularity. The company, dedicated to the motto "Be Creative, Go Beyond," boasts a professional R&D team of over 150 members, holding more than 160 patents and intellectual property rights for all its products. QCY is based in Binyang County, Guangxi, strategically positioning itself to leverage extensive supply chain resources.

With distributors spanning over 30 countries and regions and 11 state-level agents in countries like South Korea, Japan, and Russia, QCY has established a global presence. According to TWS Market Analysis, QCY's shipment volume in Q1 2022 ranked fourth globally.

The campaign served as an effective platform for increasing awareness among citizens about QCY and its products. QCY, in response to the local government's initiative, showcased its brand capability and quality products, with the goal of extending the campaign's reach across China and enhancing market competitiveness.


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