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AI Audio

Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation
More Music Details Balanced Ear Pressure

More Music Details

Adaptive Audio

AI adaptive audio Punchy Bass that Never Sounds Boomy

Our HiFi 5 DSP tech delivers top-notch audio processing.
Customized to fit your ear canal and wearing style, it ensures
a snug fit for optimal sound. With precise EQ adjustments,
every beat comes alive with rich detail.

Adaptive Low-Frequency CompensationLow frequency is closer to the ideal audio curve

LDAC 3.5X Transmission

Experience music in its purest form!
With LDAC, enjoy transmission rates up to 990kbps and
support for 96kHz/24bit sampling rates. It can fully present
high-resolution sound quality, and every note is authentic.

Crystal-Clear Highs,Endless Comfort

High-FrequencyCumulative Cavity

Tuned by our acoustic experts hundreds of times, our self-developped
High-Frequency Cumulative Cavity axes cavity space largely to gain
higher resonance frequency and offer wider bandwidth of highs whịch
sounds transparent and bright.

Less Noise

Adaptive ActiveNoise Cancellation

Comfortable andImmersive Listening

Semi-in-Ear ActiveNoise Cancellation

Tired of uncomfortable earbuds but still need to block out thenoise? Aily Buds Pro+ is
your ultimate solution! The earbuds adjust their settings basedon your ear canal and
wearing style, allowing for endless hours of music and peace inlibrary or dorm
without any discomfort!

AI-Based Noise Cancellation

Balanced Ear Pressure

Since our left and right ears are different in structure while earbuds cannot fit them in same way, you might
suffer bad listening experience if the earbuds offer same noise cancellation performance which brings
imbalanced ear pressure.

Want to Know How They Fit?

Check via QCY APP

Connect the earbuds to QCY APP and enable Adaptive
Noise Cancellation. If their fit isn't good, adjust your wear
and restart Adaptive Noise Cancellation to check again.
Perfect fit means perfect noise cancellation.

6-Mic and AI-Based Noise Cancellation

Crystal-Clear Call Like Face-to-Face

The built-in 6-mic array picks up vocals and blocks noises in
various noisy scenes so you can always enjoy crystal-clear call.
Let your voice be heard, loud and clear!

Adaptive WindNoise Cancellation

Wind won't stop you now! With Adaptive Wind Noise
Cancellation, our earbuds auto dial down wind noise when
you're on the move, ensuring your calls or tunes stay
crystal-clear. Say goodbye to annoying wind interference
when you're walking or running!

Semi-in-Ear Design

Enjoy UltimateComfort for All-day

Comfortable Wear

With 50° in-ear angle design, stress is distributed
equally among ear canal, tragus and antitragus
while the gravity centre is allocated to the outer
part of the canal for a secure fit.

Metal-Finishing Stem

Flashy-Looking on Ear
110° Max Lid Opening Angle
Easy to Open and Pick Up

Various Color Schemes

Anything but Monotone

Get More Functions

Get Smarter

28-Hour Long Battery Life

Let the music play on and on! With a battery that lasts more
than a day, you can groove to your favorite tunes without a
single interruption. Say goodbye to power panic and hello to
endless musical vibes!

Multi-Point Connection

Connect your AilyBuds Pro+ to two devices at the same time so you can
switch between, them to handle tasks on the other rather thar2

Customizable Control


Bluetooth 5.3 Chip

Fast and stable
80ms Ultra-Low Latency
Lip-sync gaming


Basic specifications

Product name: QCY AilyBuds Pro+
Compatible systems: iOS/Android
Earbuds size: 19.9*18.4*33.7mm
Case size: 51*51*28.2mm


Approximately 5 hours of music (ANC off)
Approximately 4 hours of music (ANC on)
Battery capacity: 350mAh
Charging box charging times: about 3 times


Communication distance: 10 meters
Bluetooth version: 5.3
Pairing name: QCY AilyBuds Pro+
Compatible protocols: HFP/AVRCP/A2DP

Package Contents

Instruction manual *1
Type-C charging cable *1
Headphones and charging box *1


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