QCY has proudly announced Xu Kexin, the National Champion, as their brand ambassador.

QCY has proudly announced Xu Kexin, the National Champion, as their brand ambassador. - QCY OFFICIAL

On December 9, 2022, QCY officially announced Xu Kexin, China's national short-track speed skater, as its brand ambassador and endorser for Crossky GTR - its first open truly wireless earbuds.

Born in November 1995, Xu achieved her first gold in the 2008-2009 500-meter National Short-track Speed Championships at the age of 13. Joining China's national team in 2010, she embarked on a career marked by rigorous training and numerous titles over the past decade, consistently maintaining top-3 ranks in most matches.

Established in 2009, QCY has been operating in the wireless audio industry for 13 years. As a national high technology enterprise, QCY integrates R&D, production, and marketing, gaining popularity among young users. The brand is committed to "Let everyone experience technical life in an easy way" and leverages its special advantages to provide high-performance wireless headsets to consumers. Currently, QCY ranks among the world's top 5 Bluetooth headset brands. Xu's acceptance as an ambassador for QCY not only blends sports and music but also signifies the champion's endorsement of the brand and its products.

With the theme "Be Champion, Go Beyond," QCY recognizes the excitement that both music and sports bring. The brand, staying true to its idea of being creative and going beyond, introduced the Crossky GTR as a full update in type, wear, and audio performance. The innovative design of Crossky GTR even earned it the prestigious MUSE Creative Awards.

In the realm of sports, achieving success requires strong capability and sheer determination. Similarly, for QCY to thrive in the market, outstanding R&D, unique characteristics, and high quality are essential. The Crossky GTR, built on the idea of free ears, incorporates an open-wear and rotation design for comfortable wear. Equipped with a customized 17 * 12 mm racetrack-shaped biomembrane driver and virtual bass algorithm, the headset enhances sound quality while reducing audio leakage, addressing a long-standing issue in the industry.

Since its establishment, QCY has remained true to its original aspiration of meeting users' demands and providing innovative and premium smart electronics. Xu Kexin, an athlete known for embracing challenges and chasing dreams, has chosen to collaborate with QCY, a brand synonymous with innovation. The synergy between sports and music is anticipated to create a unique and exciting chemical reaction.

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