QCY T17S has received recognition in the form of the World Tech Media Recommendation at CES.

QCY T17S has received recognition in the form of the World Tech Media Recommendation at CES.

CES has recently unveiled the World Tech Media Recommendation (WTMR), an accolade akin to the Oscars in the technology industry. QCY T17S has secured a spot on this prestigious list.

World Tech Media Recommendation @ CES: Among the technology industry's most esteemed honors

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), organized by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), stands as the world's largest annual expo with significant influence in the consumer technology sector.

Since 2022, the CES Innovation Awards have been rebranded as the World Tech Media Recommendation @ CES, with a panel of judges comprising journalists from over 20 leading global tech media outlets. These judges meticulously evaluate products based on their design, functionality, and engineering prowess. QCY T17S earned the approval of the majority of judges owing to its innovation, impressive design, and outstanding performance.

Enhanced Performance Updates

Compared to its predecessor, T17, T17S undergoes a comprehensive update in terms of chip, sound quality, and call noise cancellation.

Firstly, while the older T17 is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.1 chip, T17S features Qualcomm's flagship Bluetooth 5.2 chip, resulting in substantial improvements in low latency, stability, and transmission.

In terms of call noise cancellation, T17S employs a four-microphone array in dual earbuds to deliver a superior call experience compared to those with only two microphones. Additionally, T17S utilizes the Qualcomm CVC algorithm to effectively block ambient noises, enhancing the overall call experience.

Regarding sound quality, T17 supports SBC, whereas T17S supports aptX, providing sound with more intricate details. This explains the transparent and lifelike quality of the sound.

Sport-car Headlight-inspired Design

T17S boasts a streamlined and compact design, making it easy to hold in hand. The charging case, resembling a sport-car headlight, aligns with current trends. QCY's team, attuned to the preferences of the target audience and contemporary trends, has bestowed T17S with a groundbreaking design.

Since its launch, the new model has gained widespread popularity. The numerous global awards serve as a testament to QCY's recognized capabilities in research and development and design within the entire industry. QCY remains dedicated to innovation, consistently delivering high-quality products to its fan base.

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