Hele Electronics (QCY) has been honored with the Dongguan Youpin Enterprise Award.

Hele Electronics (QCY) has been honored with the Dongguan Youpin Enterprise Award. - QCY OFFICIAL

On November 28, 2022, Dongguan Youpin, a local e-commerce platform by Dongguan Mondagroup, was launched, featuring the participation of 108 local firms from Dongguan.

Hele Electronics Co., Ltd. (QCY), based in Dongguan for 13 years, is dedicated to wireless audio and smart electronics. As a National High-Tech Enterprise with the ability to research, produce, and distribute items, the company joined the platform alongside well-known brands like Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo.

Being one of the first local renowned companies, Hele Electronics (QCY) received the Dongguan Youpin Enterprise Award.

Dongguan has been striving to expand consumer goods categories, enhance quality, and establish more brands. The government is actively transitioning the city from "Made in Dongguan" to "Created in Dongguan," emphasizing cluster, high-standard, digital, brand, and green development.

Hele Electronics (QCY) adheres to the motto "Be Creative, Go Beyond." With a professional R&D team of over 150 members, holding more than 160 patents and intellectual property rights for all its products, the company operates in Guangxi and Guangdong to leverage extensive supply chain resources.

The company's distributors span over 30 countries and regions, with 11 state-level agents in countries like South Korea, Japan, and Russia. According to TWS Market Analysis, QCY's shipment volume in Q1 2022 ranked fourth globally.

 The platform emphasizes offering the best products to promote local brands. Consumers on the platform can directly connect with these brands for better service. The establishment of Dongguan brands serves as a driver for the platform, fueling the global expansion of Dongguan products.

The award received by Hele Electronics (QCY) signifies recognition from the platform. In the upcoming years, QCY plans to continue pursuing product updates and innovation, collaborating with other brands on the platform to promote "Made in Dongguan" and build urban brands. This collective effort aims to advance the city's economic development, fostering win-win outcomes for all parties involved.


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